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Majorcan towns that you must see. Much more than Palma!

Contenidos1 Mallorca’s prettiest towns2 Towns around Palma de Mallorca that are ideal for a short break3 Towns in the Serra de Tramuntana The island of Mallorca has many places to discover. The city of Palma de Mallorca has a wide variety of historic buildings, art, and some truly magical spots. However, it is not the
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Discover the Llotja de Palma

Contenidos1 The history of the Llotja de Palma2 Llotja de Palma opening times3 Recommended cafes and restaurants around the Llotja de Palma. Have you heard of the Llotja de Palma? This monument is located in Palma’s oldtown and is well worth a visit if you want to take in its beautiful gothic style; the Llotja
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Enjoy traditional Majorcan dishes

Mallorca has a varied and tasty range of cuisines. The island, in the heart of the Mediterranean, has been influenced by diverse cultures, countries, and even religions for hundreds of years. Its variety of products and flavours are another reason as to why the Majorcan cuisine is a great incentive to visit this island community
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Discover the Arab baths of Mallorca from the 10th century

Contenidos1 The Muslim occupation in the Balearic Islands2 The Arab baths of Palma de Mallorca3 The importance of Mudejar art in Spain Arab architecture hides an exotic and charming point that attracts us to discover more about the history, culture and characteristics that make up the culture. Its vivid colours, geometric shapes and striking decorations
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5 things you should know before travelling to Mallorca

Travelling to Mallorca means living an experience full of nature, beauty and unforgettable moments. This Balearic island gives off an indescribable aroma that floods everything with a feeling difficult to explain in words but easy to feel as soon as its air envelops you. It is not its physical aroma but that special aura that
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Museums in Palma de Mallorca that you need to visit

Contenidos1 Cultural tourism in Mallorca2 The most important museums in Palma de Mallorca3 Free museums in Palma4 The work of the Joan Miró Foundation Palma de Mallorca is a city with a great history of castles, churches, palaces, and other buildings full of art and culture that make the city a place full of light,
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