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Malaga Alcazaba and Museums

Feel the caresses of our MIMMA15 and let yourself be surprised by the art and culture of Malaga

Andalusian Encounters

Let yourself be involved by the MIMMA15 sensations and the flavors of Arabic cuisine

Feel the Andalusian Age

Let yourself be carried along by the dance with the water of the hammam and feel the enchantment in "Tablao Los Amayas"

Colours of the Hammam

Discover the culture of Málaga through the water, painting and flavours

Nights in the Medina

Bring back the secrets of the ancient Medina with our MIMMA15 accompanying it with a refreshing view of the Malaga Bay

Al Ándalus Essences

Feel the caress of our MIDRA30 with the soul of the cuisine and wines of Andalusia

Refreshing your days with Hammam Al Ándalus

The calm of a MIMMA15 and, just a few steps with a breeze of flavours.



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