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Safety and protection protocol

During these challenging decisive times we are going through, the capacity of society as a whole to adapt has been put to the test. A rapidly changing and evolving environment requires individuals, institutions and companies to be capable of handling changes in our environment and our relations in as flexible a manner as possible.

Through our commitment to the concept of Integrated Health (a balance between the health of our minds and bodies and Nature in accordance with our values), the personnel at Hammam Al Ándalus are adapting to the situation, and we have drawn up a full safety and protection plan for infectious viral diseases, in particular COVID-19, in accordance with the advice of experts and health professionals, and local, national and international authorities, in order to protect our colleagues, customers, collaborators and all their families.

This plan affects each and every one of the departments in the company and has involved, prior to opening, a series of improvements and adaptations to the facilities in all our centres:

Our baths

All the water in our thermal baths is treated with bromide at a concentration of between 3 and 4 mg/l. These levels provide excellent water quality and safety against viral, bacterial or fungal infections, and remain effective even at high temperatures.
All our water circulates constantly through purifying filters using sanitisation products at the concentrations recommended by health administrations.
The ambient temperature within the Hammam ranges from 27 to 29 degrees Celsius.


Every day

Every day, before opening, we carry out thorough cleaning using a sodium hypochlorite disinfectant followed by rinsing with water, and then spray the entire facilities with a disinfectant product.
On the hour we clean all surfaces receiving the most contact within the facilities: lockers, counters, hand rails and benches, with a sodium hypochlorite disinfectant. We then spray with a disinfectant product.


Before each session

Every hour and a half we clean and spray the surfaces throughout the Hammam using a sodium hypochlorite product and disinfectant.


Our customers and workers

We are carrying out rapid tests on all our active personnel prior to reopening, in order to prevent risk and increase the safety of workers, customers and collaborators.
We have provided all our workers with equipment to protect themselves and our customers, and we are constantly adapting to new developments and recommendations from public administrations. In the entrance hall, for customers and personnel, there are face masks for their use, if necessary.
We ask customers to place the sanitised cloth covers provided over their footwear before entering the changing rooms.
We are making contactless thermometers available to personnel and customers in order to take preventive measurements, in addition to protocols for acting in a safe way in the event of the detection of temperatures above 37.5ºC.


Digital Experience

We have modified the online and telephone booking process, and thus made the time spent in the changing room safer. By drastically reducing their capacity and carrying out rigorous disinfection between groups, when you make your booking we will provide you with specific arrival and departure times for the changing rooms, and we ask you to be punctual so that we can carry out the disinfection necessary in these common areas.
Furthermore, we have strengthened and accelerated the digitalisation of specific processes in order to streamline the flow of people in our facilities, such as for example the elimination of cash payment in the entrance hall, the creation of payment by telephone when booking, or the development of processes to boost contactless payment. By minimising these processes in the entrance halls we are drastically reducing the risk to you and to our personnel.

Cleaning of tea utensils

The metal teapots and cups we use in the service, before being placed in the dishwasher, are soaked in a solution of water and sodium hypochlorite at 70 degrees for 10 minutes. They then go into the dishwasher for cleaning at a temperature of 70 ºC and drying at 85º C.
All personnel use sterilised gloves when handling materials and products.


This is one of the times we are closest to you. For that reason we have modified many of the protocols, in order to provide maximum safety, while maintaining the effects of health, relaxation and rest we seek through our massages.
we have eliminated welcoming you through physical contact.
We have adapted the massages, products and accessories used to the new situation, in order not to put at risk your safety or our own.
We are constantly updating our procedures in order to rigorously follow the recommendations and regulations issued by the health authorities.
After each massage we disinfect each couch and accessories, if used, with an alcohol solution. Before each massage, our masseurs carefully wash their hands and forearms with disinfectant gel.
We perform this action before you, for your own safety and peace of mind.

Commitment to Integrated Health

We are taking all these measures in order to be coherent with our commitment to Integrated Health, in order to guarantee your safety and that of our workers, and to continue to be your much needed area of well-being, particularly at this time.
We also welcome your opinions, doubts and suggestions so that we can continue to adapt to you and your needs, while remaining your Hammam Experience: info@hammamalandalus.com