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Colours of the Hammam

Discover the culture of Málaga through the water, painting and flavours

Feel the caresses of our MIDRA30 and let yourself guide through history shown by paintings from the XIX and XX centuries

You will be also delighted by an exclusive menu at Carmen Thyssen Museum


MIDRA30 (Arab bath / 15’ traditional kessa / 15’ relaxing massage).

Personalized guided tour to Museo Carmen Thyssen:

a) Del hammam al balneario: Itinerary along with the Costumbristas representations, Spanish and foreign of the water, spas and beaches in the painting of the Collection.

b) Patios y jardines: Approach to a Costumbrista theme linked to the quotidian Andalusian life, in colourful and luminous paintings.

Mediterranean style menu with 4 dishes, dessert and Moorish tea.


Price: 138€ per person

Every day, from Tuesday to Sunday at 10 am.

Guided tour to choose from “Del hammam al balneario” or “Patios y Jardines”. (Starting at noon)

Not applicable to gift cards purchased, promotions or special rates.

It is recommended to make your reservation with 72 hours in advance.

Upon availability.

Book now by calling us at +34 952 215 018,
via email:
or at the front desk in Plaza de los Mártires, 5